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Brand Story


Straight to the point, 2 collections we have in 2020:


「COOLBES aromatherapy」- On-the-road aromatherapy

The origins of Coolbes essential oils are handpicked from all over the world and blended exclusively by the world class experts in aromatherapy, Mrs. Surat and Mr. Kevin of Thailand. They are professional and passionate in the field, and have established numerous aromatherapy workshops in the past 20 years. Their footprints of blended essential oils are also found in many reputed hotels and spa shops all around the world. Coolbes proudly has their support blending series of easy-carried essential oils boutique, and turned the new page of aromatherapy in our daily life!


「COOLBES fingers」- Live your nails lived

16 nail tips in a set that fit for different sizes of your fingernails. Simple and easy for application, and changeable for different occasions and mood. Against SGS certification. Safe use on children and pregnant women.

COOLBES FINGERS is honored to introduce the reputed "WITHSHYAN" Korean nail care products from exfoliating to nail coating. The series are all made in Korea with high quality standard yet easily used. Your little fingers are so made beautiful with 100% care!


Our intended group of audience …. “Women” of course! So it is purely for women who love to be cool whilst attentive care like baby is needed. Is this not the reason why men chasing after women? Hoo Hoo … Let’s be COOLBES!