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What is ‘Aromatherpy’ ?


Essential oils are the extract of flowers, leaves, roots, fruits and peels of fruits. They are 100% natural fragrances and highly concentrated in nature with various ingredients. They are very precious as very little could be extracted from plants each time.


Essential oil aromatherapy is a natural treatment by using essential oils to improve the discomforts both physically and mentally, and used to regulate the balance of the whole body. Essential oils are not limited to aromatic purposes, it is able to refresh/relax one’s mind, for beauty purpose and/or health management, and improve the degree of comfort of any indoor. In addition, the smell of fragrances would help to stimulate our brain and enhance our natural self-healing ability.


The biggest advantage of essential oil aromatherapy is that it can exert a systemic effect on your mind and body. It is in general medical practice that only the affected area would be treated. But it is a complicated and mysterious system of our body that all is interrelated, a comprehensive essential oil aromatherapy treatment could help to regulate and balance both of our physical body and mind. Essential oil aromatherapy is indeed a naturopathic treatment that you can do whenever appropriate and in need. No pressure at all as in traditional medication adherence that you can freely enjoy life as usual.

3 ways of Essential Oils entering our body :


A.) Through olfactory organ into brain

The aroma components inhaled will be transformed and transferred into electrical signal from deep inside nasal cavity to the brain.


B.) Through respiratory organs into blood

inhaling, part of the aroma components will enter our blood through the capillaries of the alveoli, then transmitted to the whole body.


C.) Infiltration through skin into blood

If apply, the essential oils will infiltrate through skin into our capillaries then transmitted allover our body. Skin is a natural barrier against external substances like bacteria, but the particles of essential oils are so small that they are permeable to exert various effects.

Specific features of Essential oils:


Aromaticity - Essential oils emit distinctive aroma based on individual differences in specific plants or ingredients used.


Volatility - Essential oils are volatile substances that evaporate in the air.


Lipophilic - Essential oils have lipophilic properties that are hardly soluble in water but easily in oil. When the essential oil is used thinly/diluted, it will be fully mixed with many vegetable oils.


Flammability - When the essential oil becomes a gas form up in the air, it is flammable and may get burned when contacted with fire or heat source.