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Privacy Statement


When visiting our website, your personal data will be protected (personal data refers to any undisclosed information(s) that is/are able to identify you, such as name, address, ID number, email address or phone number etc.). Please see below our statements for details. You are welcome to contact us if you have any comments or queries.


Scope of Privacy Policy

  • The privacy policy applies to any personal information you provide when visiting of this website and the corresponding services used. However, it is not applicable if diverting to other websites or service providers through the external links provided by this website.
  • For more accurate services or answering your enquiries, your  personal information may be requested under (but not limited) the following circumstances:
    1. To obtain membership through this website for exclusive membership services;
    2. For enquiry services when making contact through this website;
    3. To participate the event(s) organized and registered online through this website;
    4. To obtain the services provided by this website regardless it is chargeable or free of charge.


How your personal data be used

  • Personal data collection is mainly for the purposes of providing our products and services more accurately to meet customers’ expectation, and to notify customers the information of our latest products release. The data will also be used internally such as auditing, analysis and product research so as to improve the quality and variety of our products, services, website usage and customers relationship;
  • Your personal data will not be released, leased, resell to third party, or used in any area not specified without prior consent;


Modification and deletion of personal data

Customer will have full right to amend and delete, whenever required, your personal information saved in our website once become our member.


Personal data released

Under no circumstance that your personal data will be released, leased or resell to any third party. However, under the following circumstances (but not limited) your personal data may be released:


  • The practice and act when using the services provided are against the terms & conditions set that the interests of this website, our company and any third party are infringed or damaged. And such release of personal information is believed to be helping for identification, communication and legal action.
  • When requested by Judiciary or legal authorities such personal information due to public interest. We will follow proper legal procedures and make minimal but necessary cooperation for the release.


Account and personal data privacy protection


  • The privacy and security of your account information will be protected with a set of password;
  • You will be requested to enter/provide your identification information when you wish to edit/amend/change any personal information in our website;
  • This website will do best to ensure the safety of customers’ personal data and account information. However, please update the operating system and antivirus software regularly;


Amendment of Privacy Policy


  • The rapid development of technology, the possible incompleteness of relevant laws and regulations, and any unforeseen changes may arise, we will revise and update the privacy statement accordingly in a timely manner for the better protection of personal privacy;
  • Customer will be notified once the privacy policy is revised and published in our website.