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Company Background

Difficulties and hurdles will always come along with unlimited imagination and creativity!


"2020" is definitely an unforgettable number! The pandemic is raging, the economy is sluggish, and the global political atmosphere is heated.....! Nothing can stop us and “N Concept” was born under these overwhelming challenges!


We are commonly known as “tough women” who have been friends and working at senior positions for years. We have “clinical experimented” ourselves with tons of beauty products around the world for years due to work, and finally come up with a report in mind with practical experience how workable they are. It turns out to be our background and belief: being simple, direct and practical, no gimmick at all. But how valid our claims to be, we leave it to you all in not far future!


As N Concept was just established, certainly there is room for improvement. But our “Concept” is infinite (as indefinite as ConceptN), and will always as we claim: Never Give Up, Never Say No, Never Say Never ... N Concept was so born!


COOLBES is N Concept's first retail business brand, dedicated to sourcing and developing high-quality products.